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About Us

Me and My team review  household and Kitchen appliances available in Indian market, to make it easy for our readers, to shop the best product in market as per their needs.

Hi All, I am Disha Garg, co-founder of Smart India Store. I remember when, 2 years back me and my husband started a hunch to find many products for our new house in Delhi.

We need to find almost everything for our new apartment from household appliances to kitchen appliances. But we didn't had any clue where to start, and hence even after couple of week's research in physical market and online market, we didn't able to decided on many of our goods like Chimney, Water Purifier, Air conditioner, Ceiling Fans etc.

And there, when I pick the pen to start noting down each product's specification and their features. That activity doesn't only help me in getting the best products for my house, at least after 2 years I can say that, but also make me happy that I gathered so much information on these daily use products.

All my friends and relatives, they all start asking me for my advice, every time they need to buy something, and then I thought when I am doing it for my close ones, why not letting everybody use and benefit from my list.

But with time I understand that making list once won't be enough and I need to update all my listed products as per current situation and new products in the market. So I involved my husband who started helping me collecting the reviews and information on these products. Sooner we form a team and organized it through a website.  

I have started this journey with all my hearts, hope it will be beneficial for you all. Please share your experience with me, I am available @ LinkedIn.