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Company that pay more during Corona virus lock-down


Economic crisis has arisen due to the ongoing lock-down in India, due to Corona virus. Many companies are looking for ways to reduce working expenses during the Corona lock-down. But there are few, who are still employee centric and helping their employees in this crisis, by every mean.

In this era of economic crisis, a company in Kerala has announced to increase their employees salary to help them in this epidemic. The Bobby Chemmanur Group of Kerala has decided to increase their salaries by 25 per cent to provide financial assistance to their employees. According to the plan of Bobby Chemmanur Group, the salary of jewelry sector employees can be increased by 25 percent in the initial stages.

Stay safe in cornavirus

Apart from the jewelry sector, the Kerala-based company is also working in business such as finance, resort tours and travels. Company Chairman Bobby Chemmanur said, "I am proud of the five lakh employees working in my company, who act as active partners and contribute to the growth and development of various branches of our company."

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Bobby Chemmanur said that among the five lakh employees associated with the company, there are many who work on commission basis. The company has at least 70,000 women associated with its micro finance businesses. This is a joint venture, in which case they will also get the benefit of increment.

HR Head of Bobby Chemmanur International Group, Rajan Menon said that this increase in salary has been done for the commitment of the company's employees and rewarding them for their services.

Menon said, "In order to stay connected with the company in times of economic crisis and to provide financial support to their families, salary is being increased." The company said that in view of the lock-down to prevent the growing infection of the corona virus, it has been decided to increase the facility of many employees of the company to work from home. These people have been advised to take measures to prevent corona infection and follow the instructions of the Health Department.


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