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Which is better to use - Air Conditioner Versus Air Cooler?

Air Conditioning vs Air Cooler

air conditioner cooler price in india

Compared with air conditioners, air coolers can only be used for spot cooling, but air conditioners can be cooled to room temperature directly. But in terms of power consumption, air conditioner power consumption is relatively large, then air cooler that is why air cooler are more energy efficient.

An air conditioner is a breakthrough of traditional design concept, provide air purification, low noise, cool the overall temperature. Air cooler is a new concept of fan, it has many functions, can supply air, coolant, air purification, humidification, energy efficient and more in one.

Top brands of Air Conditioner in India

Air Cooler in India

The air conditioner retail price is about 20k + Indian Rupees. However, air coolers can be bought in 5k+ Indian Rupees. The difference in prices of the two items is bigger that is the reason it is important to understand which product is more valuable in terms of efficiency/Cooling/Budget.

Air Conditioning vs Air Cooling

Air conditioners can accommodate considerable indoor temperatures, and various temperatures can be adjusted as needed. However, it's use will cause indoor air uneven, that will make people inconvenient, and susceptible to air conditioning diseases. At the same time, the larger the power for the air conditioner you will use, the power consumption will be high, and you will receive more electricity bill.

Air cooler that is known  for low power consumption, it can reduce the temperature from normal electric fan to about 5-6 degrees, but it straight gives you the cool wind that can help you sustain in summers. Only disadvantage is that you can not use it in inside the rooms, where are is large, otherwise it will create humidification, it is better to use the air cooler by putting them in Balcony or windows.


Air conditioner, can significantly adjust indoor air temperature, and different temperatures can be adjusted as needed. There is plenty of choice for the customers, due to there are Many brands in the market.

Air Coolers, when Compared with electric fans, they can reduce 5-6 ° C. In addition, it is popular because of its low power consumption, small size (easy to carry), and its price is low compared to air conditioners. In the market, you can see anything in the air cooler heating and this function.


Air conditioner, which is big, expensive. It needs to be used in a closed environment, that would led people susceptible to air conditioning disease. At the same time, power is large, power consumption is difficult to accept above consumers disadvantages.

Air Cooler, you may not feel the cool effect because of the larger area. For air coolers, there is no de-humidification function. The air humidity will increase when using an air cooler.

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